Years in the industry: 12+

What services do you specialize in: Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, European style facial waxing and full body waxing, brow shaping, lash tinting, and customized facials. I use both hard and soft hypoallergenic waxes and have extensive experience with both Image Skincare and BioElements. 

What type of clients do you attract: Clients of all ages looking for a professional and relaxed experience. I pride myself on making clients feel comfortable and happy, and attract a broad spectrum of people—from those who have never been waxed before looking to try something new to clients who are dedicated regulars.

What can a client expect: I make sure every client who steps into my room feels comfortable and at ease, knows exactly what to expect, and can relax knowing they’re in the hands of an expert who’s done thousands of Brazilians over the years. Absolutely no double dipping here! 

What is the best reaction you’ve ever gotten from a customer:
I Invite people into my studio like I’d invite them into my home - with a smile, an open heart and mind, and with only the best intentions! The best feedback I get is when clients become friends and keep coming back year after year - something that happens often that I’m looking forward to again.

Describe your personal style: I like to think of my style as fun, funky, and unique. I love getting dressed up to come to the studio, but I'm also a yoga teacher, so that definitely has an influence on me. And I'm a mom, so I have to be practical. Yoga teaches us to embrace our individuality every day, and I think my style reflects that.

Where do you find inspiration: I draw inspiration from the world and people around me, my family in Ireland, my four children, all kinds of music, and my dedicated yoga practice. 
I’ve been working in salons most of my life, and after owning my own waxing focused salon in Chicago for 9 years, couldn’t wait to start a small studio here. I’m excited to bring that experience to Boulder in my very own space, and look forward to adding to my extended family of salon clients.

What do you love most about your job: Who else gets to help people from all walks of life feel beautiful both inside and out? I just love the interaction with my clients - from students to professionals to mom's like myself -  seeing them every few weeks and getting to know them on a real personal level. I take pride in my treatments, knowing when my clients leave they leave with an added boost of confidence.

What do you love most about Boulder: What's not to love? The sunshine, yoga, cityish feel, proximity to hiking...did I mention the sunshine? Growing up in Ireland the weather wasn't great, and I just feel blessed to be able to raise my family in such a beautiful place while doing what I love the most.  I spent many years in Chicago  - and I absolutely love Chicago - but there's just something about Boulder that makes Boulder a special place. 

A Boutique European Waxing Studio in Downtown Boulder

1313 Spruce St. (located inside 1313 a salon)     303.402.1313